Just When You Need Her The Most 0    0

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately needed your woman to help you get out of a sticky problem and after you explain yourself she picks up on the most irrelevent sentence during ...

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Haasie Waar Is Jou Hoed 0    0

Steyn Smit vertel ons n storie oor n dronk olifant en renoster.

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Impotence From Surgery Fears - Prank Call 0    0

Dr Whackhead tells a guy waiting for surgery that there might be "complications" after surgery.... Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld Ster...

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Tough guys in the Kaap 0    0

Everyone knows a tough guy that' thinks he's this tough

Life with iemie 34 views

GUPTA FUNK - Full Video 0    0

It's time for the nation's president...and owners...to get their Bruno Mars on, and bring us all a little something something we like to call....Gupta Funk. Because let's face it, they're definitely s...

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Whos Baby Is It - Prank Call 0    0

Whackhead has some fun with a new dad and questions his paternity!

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Best Drink Ever (Episode 16) | Fash Ngobese, Nelisiwe Mwase,... 0    0

The Best Drink Ever | OMFilmsSA (Sony A7Sii Comedy Short Film) Comedy Collaboration with TaFire Deli, Fash Ngobese, Nelisiwe Mwase, Bergie Fresh and Bri Bri looking for the perfect drink. Direc...

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Oupa Jokes - Laugh, you lose! The South African version. 0    0

This past week I teamed up with fellow Cape Town based content creators to bring you a new series called Oupa Jokes where we tell jokes hoping our opponents laughs! Laugh, you lose! That is the point ...

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DJ Zinhle And Her Daughter 0    0

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Don't Call Me Darling - Prank Call 0    0

Jenny Spice doesn't like being called darling....and Whackhead knows that!

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Fungfu dodging on the Cape flats 0    0

If you got the skills you can dodge just about anything... but not everything

Life with iemie 61 views

Killer Kau Ft. Mbali - Tholukuthi Hey - Ft Social Media Fans 0    0

Official music video for the hit single "Tholukuthi HEY" made with social media fans Directed by: On Life www.tholukuthi.com Check out the Hit single and how it was made with link...

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Drama In Parliament EFF vs Jacob Zuma 0    0

Julius Malema and the EFF disrupting Jacob Zuma to answer questions in Parliament

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Middle Finger In Parliament 0    0

Watch an ANC member showing the middle finger to the opposition during question time in Parliament. Jacob Zuma

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