When your partner tries to bake 0    0

No matter how awful your partners baking will end up eating it

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Hijack on the Cape Flats 0    0

Hijack on the Cape Flats ft. Taboo Mentality Like | Comment | Share Production by ETS FILMS #LocalisLekker #TabooMentality

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Date My Family Gone Wrong feat Tafire 0    0

Asked yourself why there's never a Father figure on Date my Family? This is Why :"D

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Those private moments alone 0    0

Those private moments alone What do you do when you have some alone time? hahaha Like | Share | Comment #PrivateMoments #AloneTime

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Friends on the Cape flats 0    0

Friends will be there for you no matter what the cost...except for this...

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Winter Onesie 0    0

So we now that we in the heart of Winter and it's cold at night. Guys, don't you feel like you want to do more than just cuddle with your lady but she's freezing and in no mood to get frisky. I wonder...

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Escaping Junk Status 0    0

Junk status has humbled all of us financially, this includes our favorite family - The Mashabas. But in this video Noko seems to have a solution to that problem through the Rabaki re-seller program. ...

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GTI 7 Owners Are Like 0    0

Sometimes, sexy cars aren't really chick magnets #iten #myiten #gti #guymagnet #lol Links: FOLLOW US! Keywords: iTen, My iTen, South Afri...

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Best Sister Bettina Challenge (Lasizwe, Nelisiwe Mwase) 0    0

Disrupt Videos | OMFilmsSA (Sony A7Sii Comedy Short Film) When Sister Bettina takes over there's really nothing you can do :"D Comedy Collaboration with Nelisiwe Mwase, Lasizwe Dambuza, Bri...

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