Best Tholukuthi Hey Challenge - Fash Ngobese, Nelisiwe Mwase 0    0

OMFilms was challenged to do the Tholukuthi Challenge, this is what we came up with! SHARE with your friends! Comedy Collaboration with Fash Ngobese, Nelisiwe Mwase, Bergie Fresh and Bri Bri doing ...

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Trevor Noah is back in SA! 0    0

Trevor Noah is back to tour the country with his “There’s a Gupta on My Stoep” comedy show. At a media briefing, he spoke about the show, the debate on the motion of no confidence in President J...

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No Confidence Debate - Julius Malema 0    0

Watch Julius Malema - No Confidence debate in Jacob Zuma. Parliament.

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I Want To Vote A Criminal Out 0    0

CHAOS in Parliament - Julius Malema want to vote a criminal out. Debate Of No Confidence in Jacob Zuma.

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When that song keeps you going 0    0

No matter what situation you go through...there will always be that song that keeps you going

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Questions - South Africa, Episode 6 0    0

Episode 6 was long overdue! Ok, so if you not familiar with this social experiment, I"ll explain! I ask 10 easy general knowledge questions, mostly pertaining to South Africa and surrounds and...

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When your partner tries to bake 0    0

No matter how awful your partners baking will end up eating it

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