Stand Up Comedians

Mzansi Comedy - Siyanda Maphumulo 0    0

Forget about Trevor Noah, Loyiso Gola, David Kau, Marc Lottering, Barry Hilton, Riaad Moosa, Kagiso Lediga, Tumi Morake and so on. Let’s give credit where it’s due, these guys are all good comedia...

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Mzansi Comedy - Smokey Nyembe 0    0

Funny man Smokey Nyembe makes fun of Black Coffee, Zakes Batwini. Makes mockery of typical black accents in English & Afrikaans fluency. The way we pronounce certain words etc

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Halal hot crossed bun - Riaad Moosa 0    0

Riaad Moosa talks about Halal Hot Crossed buns found in stores all over South Africa.

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Roland Gaspar says Americans Talk Funny 0    0

Roland Gaspar, One of SA's top Comedians, shares his experience of how American visitors speak English differently to the way locals do in South Africa.

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Smokey Nyembe talks about Orlando Pirates Supporters 0    0

Voetsek - Smokey Nyembe Live At The Soweto Theatre, Aromat Loxion Stand Up Comedy series. Shaking things up.

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Roland Gaspar discusses flushing a cellphone down the toilet 0    0

Roland Gaspar, One of SA's top Comedians, shares funny moments from his own experiences. In this clip he discusses the response to the awkward problem one has if you accidentally flush your cellphone ...

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Comedian Roland Gaspar on Exercise, Weight Loss and Dancing ... 0    0

Roland Gaspar, One of SA's top Comedians, shares moments of his journey of discovery in trying out a couple of new methods of exercise. He also examines South Africans' love of dancing - even when the...

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Scientific Proof That White People Are The Best Dancers In T... 0    0

Have you ever wondered who the best dancers in the world are? South African Comedian Roland Gaspar sets out to prove the theory that it's white people.

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Schalk Bezuidenhout - Drunk white girls 0    0

Schalk talks about his white girlfriend and what happens when she gets drunk during his opening set for Trevor Noah's LOST IN TRANSLATION (2015), at the Teatro thatre, Monte Casino.

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Susan Se Poes Is Missing 0    0

Stand Up Comic explains that Poes is actually a Dutch word for Cat and is quite funny when used by South Africans

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President Zuma Gone Wild - Trevor Noah 0    0

Trevor in 2009 discussing his expectations of South African President Jacob Zuma. From the documentary YOU LAUGH BUT IT'S TRUE: Follow Trevor: http://www.twitter.c...

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Mexican Jedi - Trevor Noah 0    0

BUY LOST IN TRANSLATION: Trevor Noah imagines what "Star Wars" would have been like if there had been more Mexicans in the cast.

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Dillan Oliphant on Nationwild Comedy Tour 2015 0    0

Dillan Oliphant doing his Stand Up set on Trevor Noah Nationwild Comedy Tour 2015

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Drunk Nelson Mandela Impersonation - Trevor Noah 0    0

Trevor Noah does a very funny impersonation of Drunk Nelson Mandela at his 91st Birthday Party.

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President Zuma Gone Wild by Trevor Noah 1    0

Trevor in 2009 discussing his expectations of South African President Jacob Zuma.

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Bradford Keen live at Jou Ma Se Comedy 2014 1    0

Stand-up comic Bradford Keen at Cape Town's top comedy venue at the V&A Waterfront.

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Corrupt Traffic Cops - Masood Boomgaard 0    0

South African comedian Masood Boomgaard talks about bribing your way out of a speeding fine.

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World's best Oscar Pistorius Impersonation 0    0

South African comedian Masood Boomgaard offers his take on the Oscar trial

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Trevor Noah on John Bishop Show - Colonialism 12    0

Watch Trevor Noah remind a British audience of their country's colonial past

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