Female Officer Pokes Fun At Clive Naidoo for Jumping Robot


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On Friday 28 August 2015 approximately 08h45 at the intersection Bram Fischer Drive and Jan Smuts Ave, Clive Naaido pulled over by a polite female JMPD officer who went and checked his licence disk then came to his window and greeted and he gave her his drives licence, at that stage another very abrupt and arrogant female JMPD officer barged in saying “you got 4 eyes can’t you see you shot the robot”, He replied “ sorry, I got 2 eyes and a pair of glasses and might be you got four eyes”. At that stage she grabbed his drivers licence from the other officer and went to get a fine book. He realised that this was not going to look good so at that stage he started recording the conversation.

Published 2 years ago

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