The Cape Flats Smile


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The `Cape Flats Smile' (sometimes referred to as the `Passion Gap’) refers to a common tradition amongst many Kwaaitonians across greater Cape Town, where the four front incisors or teeth are deliberately removed for a number of curious reasons - one of which is aesthetic – and quite often with little or no regard to the health of the existing teeth.

Kwaai City - courtesy of intrepid, eternally curious, former F.I.L.M. intern & trainee Fungayi Komani - investigates this phenomenon, in an effort to get to the bottom of what may have sparked this unusual ritual - why some people really regret having done it - and why others are still doing it today.

False or real, we encourage you to sink your teeth into this tasty Cape Town morsel.

KWAAI CITY is conceived, directed and produced by an enterprising team of interns & trainees on the Film Industry Learner Mentorship (F.I.L.M.) programme ( ; Facebook: Just-call-us-F.I.L.M.), an accredited, not-for-profit skills programme and public benefit organization, guaranteeing aspiring, disadvantaged `filmpreneurs' full industry involvement in training and hands-on experiential learning and mentorship, on local and international film, commercial, television, mobile web & internet productions

KWAAI CITY is a web-based programme featuring `What's Hot' in the Kwaai City of Cape Town. Piggy-back on our production value and content & embed it on your site!

KWAAI CITY celebrates the wider City of Cape Town - at 34º south 18º east - undoubtedly the Latitude with Attitude. According to the UK's Daily Express, Cape Town - voted one of the Top 10 Tourist Cities in the world - is `where it is all happening on the African continent.'

A magical setting in the majestic embrace of Table Mountain, offering a bruising blend of first world, cutting-edge conveniences and relative under-development and poverty, Cape Town is a global magnet of ready-made activity and entertainment – and if it’s HOT & HAPPENING, chances are KWAAI CITY is somewhere there.

KWAAI CITY covers `hip-hot-and-happening', relevant events in and around greater Cape Town. We also regularly feature much of what makes Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula one of the most desirable residential and tourism destinations in the world.

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