Whats On DSTV Prank Call 0    0

Whackhead Simpson calls as a neighbour wanting to know what's on TV.....

Admin 441 views

Say What I Say with Jacob Moshokoa 0    0

Whackhead starts a new series of calls where he gets a member of the Breakfast Express to randomly call someone on their phone and have Whackhead dictate what they have to say. Today Jacob Moshokoa ca...

Admin 810 views

Fingers Too Fat For Your Phone - Prank Call 0    0

Zelda is trying to sort out problems with her phone and is given bad customer service from Whackhead Simpson... Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld Stereo.

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How we try to climb the social media mountain 0    0

How we try to climb the social media mountain Its not easy but I just do it for the thrill

Life with iemie 162 views

Titanic How Jack really went down 0    0

If you in a situation and another situation hits you then you might as well go down

Life with iemie 162 views

The Talk 0    0

How many of you having your final talks

Life with iemie 170 views

To all 2019 Matriculants 0    0

Crongrats to all those who passed and for those who never..its not the end of the world ✌

Life with iemie 169 views

The Masala Countdown 0    0

This must be the worst position for us to be in during the countdown to the new year ✋

Life with iemie 126 views

Original Risitas,with english subtitles! Very Funny Laugh in... 0    0

Old but Epic!!! Subtitles: Go to the player settings, Subtitles/CC, Translate captions - English, enable subtitles and enjoy!

Life with iemie 206 views

Dont be that bra 0    0

When you give your bra direction and he completely messes up. This can leave you in alot of trouble

Life with iemie 127 views