VR reaction of my wife 0    0

We decided to let my wife experience the VR (virtual reality) eye piece. See what happens next.

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WesBank - Leon Schuster Video2 4    0

It takes a special kind of person to be part of our service resolutions team and our team members always try and assist as best as they can. Leon put us to the test once more

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ZuptaMustFall Official EFF Track 0    0

The song is about Zuma and the Gupta family whose corrupt relationship has compromised democracy and its institutions. Is uses EFF's protest in Parliament during the state of the nation address where ...

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Come Get Your Uncle Dance Off - He Is Misbehaving At Eyadini 0    0

Like & Share Come get your Mkhulu that dances like a crazy teenager at eyadini lounge subscribe by clicking the link: https://goo.gl/otGJUA

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The Matrix parody film - Cape flats spoof 0    0

This is a reinactment of one of my favourite scenes in The Matrix I hope you guys enjoyed this video and hit the Subscribe button for more videos. Like | Share | Comment and Subscribe

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Whackhead Bloopers Failed Prank on Prime Media 8    0

We've all had times where we've failed at something (like the Wrester interview guy seen here). Whackhead is no exception. Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 High...

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Mama Nells 1 Year Storytime 0    0

HAPPY 1 YEAR Anniversary to Mama Nells. We asked All her fans Questions they needed answered, here's a little interview to find out more about her! Please Share the video, it helps a lot. Thank you!

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Doovdé Player Wanted - Prank Call 0    0

Whackhead wants a DVD player but he can't read it correctly and tries to pronounce it as it's spelt...

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Cant stop the pwasa 0    0

Cant stop the pwasa - Justin Timberlake edition For educational purposes only

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Bank Saga - Prank Call 0    0

A guy has been getting wrong number calls from the bank looking for Mr Gilbert Whackhead calls from the bank looking for Mr Gilbert and accuese the guy of being a criminal..

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Questions South Africa - Episode 8 0    0

This episode of Questions South Africa is filmed at the ever popular Liberty Promenade Shopping Mall out in Mitchell's Plain. I ask 8 easy general knowledge questions hoping they'd get it right and in...

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I am Leaving SataFrika Part 5 0    0

DintshangSA family Please share this video on twitter, facebook watsapp.

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Queen Jumaima Complains About SataFrika 0    0

Queen Jumaima AKA stopnonsons shares his thoughts on various South Africans.

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WATCH Cyril Ramaphosa Telling DA to SHUT UP 0    0

Cyril Ramaphosa loosing his cool and tell DA John Steenhuisen to "Shut Up" in Parliament.

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1983 South Africa Funny People 2 0    0

If you enjoy "America's Funniest Home Videos", you'll love Jamie Uys' indiscretions of a camera! After the infamous "The Gods Must Be Crazy I & II", Jamie Uys is back with his ...

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Trevor Noah's Xhosa Lesson 0    0

Trevor Noah charms Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies and Jason Manford by singing in Xhosa.

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The Real Berks of Bonte Heuwels - Trailer 0    0

You've seen the American reality show The Real husbands of Beverley Hills well... from the creators of the Cape Flats Kreeping Up with the Kaapdashians comes a new series about men and not just any me...

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The bored birds - signal from mama 0    0

the tsonga bird, the zulu bird, and the pedi bird decide to fly to heaven.

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Mama Nells 0    0

Meet Mama Nells (Action Comedy Short Film)

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Peter Ndoro SABC News Bloopers 0    0

Peter Ndoro is indeed the best sabc news reader. But he sometimes has those days where he just goes off script lol.

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2000's Taking Over Part 2 0    0

Tshepo is back and showing us that 2000's are taking over.

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