How South Africa Could Prepare the U.S. for President Trump 0    0

Trevor compares Donald Trump to South African President Jacob Zuma, who also faces financial conflicts of interest, threatens to jail rivals and lashes out at the media.

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Nando’s: Blue Light Brigade 0    0

Ever wondered what would happen if four blue light brigades met at an intersection. Nando’s can tell you! In true Nando’s style, once again we’ve created an ad that makes...

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Jonathan Leer Die Manne Jag 0    0

RadioRaps: Jonathan leer die manne jag. Hoe moet jy maak en wat moet jy alles doen. Kry hulp vandag...

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Wrecking Ball In Afrikaans - Sakkie Koekemoer 24    0

Wrecking Ball Parody In Afrikaans - No Offence intended guys...Just have a laugh - South African Style - ENJOY

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No Smet Zone by GrammyFamily 5    0

All credit goes to

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Reality Tsek! by Grammy Family 24    0

All credit goes to

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Yuzriq Main Meyer's shout out to Cape Town's Kim K candidate... 36    0

Cape Town's Kim K candidate! Radio personality and journalist Yuzriq Main Meyer's media address. Brought to you by the PoesFunny Facebook page.

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Antonio Wessels - Djy's 'n Laaitie 30    0

Music video by Antonio Wessels performing Djy's 'n Laaitie. ©: 2013 Sugarushed Records. Song Produced by DuPreez Strauss. Buy It Now on iTunes:

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7de Laan Voice Over Part 1 5    0

do not watch if ur not afrikaans otherwise u wnt undastand

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7de laan funny 10    0

Errol gooi 'n moerse party en sy ma hul vind uit

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Royals The Cape Flats Version 45    0

Lorde - Royals Parady by Suzpekt (Cape Coloured Version) All credit goes to

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Unpopular Golfer by Whackhead Simpson 4    0

An avid religious golfer has complained about a tournament winner and said he cheated. The tournament winner gets his revenge with Whackhead... Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947...

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Wat dink Julius Malema van witmense? 32    0

Die EFF-leier Julius Malema het oudergewoonte weer 'n paar wilde stellings gemaak -- dié keer toe hy spreker by die Kaapstadse Persklub was. Hier is ses van die bestes.

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Selfies in the 60's by Barry Hilton 2    0

Here is a little taste of what's to come... "The Live Series - Barry Hilton" out on Box Office February 16th, 2015.

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Ons Gaan Nou Braai by Barry Hilton 0    0

Clip from Serial Comic DVD Get the T-shirt! Nou gaan ons braai T-shirts available at Barry's Online Store:

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Trevor Noah on The Daily Show - Chess News Roundup 0    0

Spend some time with The Daily Show’s next host Trevor Noah: Trevor Noah reports on the United States' attempt to buy mercenary chess players in order to win...

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Whackhead - Neighbour From Hell 5    0

Mike gets a call from his new neighbour, Mr Whackhead Simpson! Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld Stereo.

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Nickelback Parady by Derick Watts sung by 1000 SA Fans 10    0

In 2013, Nickelback toured to South Africa. Since then we have had more power blackouts than usual, the price of petrol seems to be increasing, and our President has also started acting weird. We h...

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The Difference between South Africans & Australians 3    0

Fed up with the internet mistaking their accents for Australian ones, South African comedy duo DERICK WATTS & THE SUNDAY BUES enlist the help of Australian comedian MATT LOVKIS (The Legend of ...

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South African Car Guard In America 13    0

For those who are not from South Africa, "car guarding" is a widely practiced profession. Car guards are the self-proclaimed super heroes of the street, claiming to watch your car wh...

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Call Me Maybe Parody by Derick Watts (Movember Song) 0    0

Join zany comedy-pop duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues as they take us on a journey full of trials and tribulations, in an effort to grow the perfect moustache for Movember, in their brand n...

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ONE DIRECTON FANS INTERVIEWED - Derick Watts & The Sunday Bl... 4    0

One Direction brought their "On The Road Again" tour to Cape Town, South Africa for the first time - comedy pranksters DERICK WATTS decided to go down to the stadium to meet some Dir...

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Interviewing Justin Bieber Fans From South Africa 0    0

We decided to head down to the Cape Town Stadium for Justin Bieber's first EVER South African show for some tongue-in-cheek interviews with local Beliebers...and this is what went down! Apolog...

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Blame Mumford & Sons by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues 12    0

They've found the winning formula to get the ladies in the mood...but at what cost? Thanks a lot, Mumford & Sons - Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues realise that with great power...

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Its Pay Day feat. Jack Parow & The Kiffness 1    0

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues return with their most ridiculous song yet! This time the boys chronicle the journey of two ordinary young men who splurge out & live large on payday, t...

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