Wayne Mckay - Trains In The UK 15    0

Cape Town Stand up Comedian take on Trains in the UK . Fantastic stuff for more information log on to www.waynemckayevents.co.za

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Whackhead Simpson - Pay The TV Licence 23    0

A lady has had hassle about the non - payment of her late husbands TV Licence for 8 years since his death. Whackhead gives a call... Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld S...

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Introducing Mr.Van Heerden 0    0

WIN A CAR: http://swee.ps/DVRScodrD Introducing Mr.Van Heerden

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Tit for Tat Relationships 2 0    0

Have you ever accidentally left your phone at home and immediately though that your partner might go through it? Hey? Mmmm... Is their something that want to say? lol Today's video is all about Tit fo...

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Kidnapping in the pwasa 0    0

As funny as this video might seem...kidnapping is a serious matter..look after your kids...and yourself ✌

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The Difference between South Africans & Australians 3    0

Fed up with the internet mistaking their accents for Australian ones, South African comedy duo DERICK WATTS & THE SUNDAY BUES enlist the help of Australian comedian MATT LOVKIS (The Legend of ...

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2000's Taking Over 0    0

Hi guys 2000's got some real balls hey. Check out this video to see why. If they take over I might consider saying I'm leaving Satafrika

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Jaii_Lang - Hip Hop Songs In Afrikaans 0    0

My Afrikaans sucks I know, but I hope you guys enjoyed the video and let me know what songs I should do next IF I do another one. Don't forget to enter the Gucci belt giveaway! Ends on Friday 5 Oct...

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Trevor Noah 911 in South Africa 0    0

South African 911 operators have a very different definition of “emergency.”

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Noise Complaints - Prank Call 0    0

The latest victim gets pranked by his neighbour and Whackhead concerning very loud passion noises and screaming coming from his apartment...

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Jaii Liang - South African Rush Hour In New York 0    0

Follow Siv on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iamsivn Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Let me know what you guys think about it in the comments down below! Follow me on social media Instag...

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Females never forget 0    0

No matter how long it's been since your last argument with your partner...she'll never forget

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Speaking Gham To Americans - Part 4 0    0

Hope you guys enjoyed part 4!! Should I do a part 5? Follow me on my social media for updates https://www.instagram.com/jaii_liang htps://www.twitter.com/jaii_liang Music by https://soundcl...

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You Are a Dom Naai - Trolling Americans 0    0

Here is a part 2 that you guys have all been waiting for! Hope you guys liked enjoyed the video! Also I'm on Twitter now so follow me on there https://twitter.com/jaii_liang Follow me on Instagra...

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Top Ten Stand Up Comedians 0    0

A list of the Top ten stand up comedians in South Africa If your favorite stand up comedian is not mentioned in this list be sure to look out for part two, they are in no particular order. Loyiso M...

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Mpho Popps - Best Excuses For Cutting Class 0    0

When you're a black boy in South Africa, no matter what tribe you're from, there's always a good reason to cut class. South African comic, Mpho Popps, recalls the clever tricks he used to pull to skip...

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Kidnapping 0    0

What would you do if you heard there was a kidnapping #leaveourkidsalone #kidnappingmustfall #savethekids

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How to Look Poes Kak 0    0

Second day in a row! Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Make sure you subscribe for daily vlogs! Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jai_liang Music by Lakey Inspired https://sound...

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You Got Your Dipstick In The Wrong Hole 0    0

Watch Deputy Speaker Mr Lechesa Tsenoli entertains Parliament AGAIN during questions to the Deputy President

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