Bhajaj Gqom Official Music Video 0    0

Ngihamba nge bhajaj ikhokha u R150 u full tank u R120 ThandoComedy ft Sfrench #gqom #mzansigqom #trending #lvovo #mapintsha #djtira

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Ek Wil Tops Toe Gaan in Level 2 (Loslappie Lockdown Parody) 0    0

My Trollie's vol en ek gaan zol. Chorus translation for my non-Afrikaans speaking friends: I’m going to Tops (one of SA’s nationwide bottle stores) in Level 2, My trolley’s full & I...

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Hey There Corona (Plain White Tees Parody) 0    0

All the feels. The Kiffness on Spotify: Follow The Kiffness on socials: https://www.twitter...

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Quaranqueen (Dancing Queen Parody) 0    0

I am the Quaranqueen. Lost my mind on day 17. The Kiffness on Spotify: Follow The Kiffness on socials:

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Antibodies (Coronavirus Parody) 0    0

This goes out to everyone fighting the Coronavirus. The Kiffness on Spotify: Follow The Kiffness on socials: https://www.instagr...

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Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (SA Alcohol Ban Parody) 0    0

I just want to crack a cold one with the bois The Kiffness on Spotify: Follow The Kiffness on socials:

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We Cheat At Cricket - Steve Smith and David Warner - Parody 0    0

Hilarious Video Mocking Australian Cricket Team Over Ball-Tampering. Triple J, a national radio station in Australia, has come out with a spoof music video that makes fun of their own cricket team ove...

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Everybody Reshufflin - Zuma Parody 0    0

Jacob Zuma got away with his reshuffle and so it’s time to celebrate with a song.

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Leon Schuster Keurspel - Marulaboom 0    0

Description:Three hot girls samples a few of their favourite songs from the MarulaBoom album EK IS JOU FAN. This album is a tribute to Leon Schuster and here you see the girls in a Ford Tourno havin...

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ZuptaMustFall Official EFF Track 0    0

The song is about Zuma and the Gupta family whose corrupt relationship has compromised democracy and its institutions. Is uses EFF's protest in Parliament during the state of the nation address where ...

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Pay Back The Money Parody 0    0

So we all witnessed what happened in Parliament last week. As a country that's on the verge of going into recession, the citizens of South Africa waited for an action plan to work together to overcome...

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Ys Ys Baba 0    0

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby in Afrikaans

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2015 Hip Hop News by TSWYZA 0    0


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Watch me whip Mr Nene 1    0

Jacob Zuma singing Watch me whip Mr Nene (dubstep) Parody

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Jacob Zuma Watch Me NeNe Parody 0    0

If Jacob Zuma was a rapper, this is how he would have fired the former Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene... Whip! Nene! Brad has done it again with his Say Goodbye Nene parody

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My sleep is spoiled - Parody by Devdondidit 0    0

Is it officially summer? I dont know but one thing I do know is that annoying pests are everywhere. No, Im not talking about the EFF but Mosquitos and you probably heard this question before but wh...

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Fok Fokkity Fok - Jack Parow ft Dirt Nasty 0    0

Here it is. My most gevaarlikste single ever ft Dirt Nasty and the Jägermeister Stag (the crazy bachelor). Download Fok Fokkity Fok NOW or the full double album titled Nag Van Die Lang Pette from ...

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Casper & Martins Silly XMas Abba Special Parody 0    0

Martin challenged comedian, Casper de Vries, to do a special Abba themed Christmas video for 2015 and Casper accepted the challenge. Watch this hilarious Abba medley for the festive season.

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Zuma Steps Up Drum and Bass Remix 0    0

Jacob Zuma may not be able to read numbers but he sure knows how to get down to some Drum & Bass! #ListenProperly

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Its Naai Day (Music Video) 0    0

Performed as a parody to the same tune, the viral phenomenon that was Rebecca Black's 'Friday'. Cast: Rebecca Black - Matthew Davison Boyfriend with Flowers - Carl Wegelin Boyfriend with Meeowers -...

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Quite a White Ou - Ndingumlungu - Original Version 0    0

This video is dedicated to Nelson Mandela, whose legacy is being wasted or exploited by most influential South Africans of all colours. BUY the Track here:

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Hotline Bling South African Parody 0    0

With the Internet going crazy with different versions of Drake's Hotline Bling song I thought I follow in on the trend and added some South African flavour to it. Yes, he cant dance but you go...

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Jacob Zuma Speech - Turn Down For What Remix 0    0

Jacob Zuma - The Song DJ Snake feat. Lil Jon - Turn Down For What (Dotcom's Twerk Remix)

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We Got Dad Bods - Bad Blood (PARODY) by Derick Watts 0    0

Dad bods are suddenly all the rage, and Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues are proudly flaunting theirs. Are you a man with a less than perfect body, or a woman who loves a bit of meat on the...

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