Do You Wanna Cuddle 0    0

Do You Wanna Cuddle ? by Phanda : ADD ME ON : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | (s...

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Pranks on the streets of Durban 0    0

We pranked a couple of people on the streets of Durban and got these priceless reactions! Starring: Kamalan Kamz Govender​ and some other random people #iten #myiten #prank Links: www....

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Justin Bieber Look a like Prank In Sandton 0    0

Whats happening guys, hope you enjoyed the Justin Bieber prank that took place at Sandton City, South Africa! THANK YOU to everyone whole helped out and made it a success!! Got the entire mall going c...

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Police Man Scared of Snake 0    0

The officers hilariously screamed and ran for his life when he saw what the dog found.

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MalJan surprises listeners husband at his workplace 0    0

MalJan surprised Natashja Meintjies' husband, Henk, at his workplace while being dressed like Natashja.

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Pillow Fight Prank 0    0

For the uninvited, misbehaved and downright bastardly. Undercut focuses on creating video blogging and enlightening videos about everything from local legends, music, food, twerking, fashion, sex a...

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Drinking Dishwashing Liquid Prank 1    0

So I just want to make it clear that I told everyone that I did the prank to afterwards that it was cream soda and they were all such good sports about it, and all really cool people, And obviously...

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YOu Built My Wall Skew - Whackhead Classics 0    0

Prank by Darren Whackhead Simpson from the CD Phowned (2010) . Check out the Prank Playlists : Whackhead Simpson 2016 : Senseless Survey : Piet the Rece...

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Stop the Knot - Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues 0    0

See the Stop The Knot - OFFICIAL APOLOGY here: #stoptheknot ============================================ Royalty free music kindly provided by Incompetec...

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South African Car Guard In America 13    0

For those who are not from South Africa, "car guarding" is a widely practiced profession. Car guards are the self-proclaimed super heroes of the street, claiming to watch your car wh...

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Whackhead Simpson - Gays Online Chat 21    0

Whackhead has some more fun on the chat lines..... Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld Stereo.

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Lag My Klaar Snaakse Scare Prank 9    0

Vet prank wat op iemand getrek word terwyl hy iets probeer verduidelik

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Picking up chicks with a motorbike 17    0

Thanks for watching! Hope you guys enjoy! ssssuuuubbbssscccrrriiibbbbbbbbeeeeeee! Cheers dudes:)

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Prank Snake South Africa 12    0

Dylan Dylsta fake snake prank Like, Share and Subscribe Thanks for watching

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Best Snake Prank EVER! 0    0

Guy faints getting a scare from a dead snake! Jukin Media Verified (Original)

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