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Face Painter Required For Retrenchments 0    0

Whackhead calls a face painter as a nasty Boss wanting to terminate some of his staff by face painting symbols on his employees...

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Hou Jou Bek Pille 0    0

Parents getting you down? Boss working on your gat? Introducing new HJB Pille by Chizer. Featuring Lache Jill Segal​ of Lachet​

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When You Walk Off Like a Boss 0    0

Did you ever walk away from a situation you fixed wondering to yourself ''I cant believe I did that''. Video editing using Adobe after effects Like ...

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Whackhead Simpson - Boss Call - No Weaves 0    0

Whackhead calls his colleagues as radio Boss to say that there are some restrictions that all staff have to adhere to... Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld Stereo. ...

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If you were born in the 70's or 80's 0    0

The struggle was real. Who remembers when Cellphones just launched in South Africa in the 90's? Boy, did we feel like Bosses when that brick was hanging around our hip? Little did we know that...

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Cape Town's got talent - Dit wassie ekkie 1    0

Shaggy - It wasn't me in Afrikaans by Alen Singing Car Guard... Like a Boss

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Leon Schuster - Abusive Maid 3    0

Another Milenium Menace classic. Leon plays a downtrodden man being Bossed about by his maid in the new South Africa!

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