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Joe Barber Ek Wietie 0    0

This famous Joe Barber sketch inspired by Abbott and Costello tells the story of a woman who writes to the tabloid newspaper seeking advice from the Agony Aunt columnist but using fake names 'Wie' 'W...

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Dont Mess With A Cape Coloured Taanie 0    0

This is what happens when you come home late and your Taanie is befok

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Chantal Is Pregnant? - By Mark Fitzgibbon 0    0

STORY TIME WITH CHANTAL! (Inspired by Shane Dawson with a Cape Coloured twist!) Have you ever thought your life was really horrible? Well you were wrong because Chantal has had many horrible things...

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Cape Coloured Passion Gap 0    0

Why do people pull perfectly healthy front teeth, these guys explains.

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Keagan Lets Pomp Make Stinky Finger - Mark Fitzgibbon 0    0

Keagan is a common, gham, smet Cape Coloured. He does not give a flying hoot about gender equality or cultural differences. He is a racist idiot who is trying to cheat on his girlfriends best frien...

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Cape Coloured Slang with Mark Fitzgibbon | Michael Cost 0    0

Fellow South African Youtuber, Mark Fitzgibbon, tests me on how well I know Cape Coloured Slang. To all the foreigners the word coloured is not a negative word in South Africa. I had so much fun ma...

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Royals The Cape Flats Version 45    0

Lorde - Royals Parady by Suzpekt (Cape Coloured Version) All credit goes to

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50 SHADES OF TIEF! Cape coloured pick up lines 0    0

In this video, I teach you how to get a Cape Coloured tief into your bed! Also, don't take me seriously, I'm a single naaier just looking for attention so most of this kak is probably ...

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