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GTI 7 Owners Are Like 0    0

Sometimes, sexy Cars aren't really chick magnets #iten #myiten #gti #guymagnet #lol Links: FOLLOW US! Keywords: iTen, My iTen, South Afri...

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Drive by on the Cape flats 0    0

We all enjoy playing music in our Cars but when you see your friends you play the music even louder to impress them.

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Ben Carson Blames the Victims - The Daily Show with Trevor N... 23    0

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson doubles down on condemnatory remarks he made about victims of a mass shooting at an Oregon community college. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now:

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Ben Carson 9    0

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson explains how he evaded a dangerous encounter at a "Popeyes organization" and receives a late-night Twitter endorsement from Rupert Murdoch. Watch full...

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The Car Guard Song (Eminem feat. Rihanna Parody) 20    0

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues are back with another typically South African-themed parody video. The "Braaiday" creators turn their attention to car guards, and give you a glimpse into...

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Interview with Alen Abrahams the Singing carguard 12    0

Singing car guard discovered performing while parking Cars in town. He shares his story and his talent.

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