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'Coloureds' and Apartheid - Riaad Moosa Comedy 0    0

Here's another clip from back in the day! Talking about Apartheid once again...There was a category during Apartheid called "Coloured" which denoted mixed race. My grandfather was classified...

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The Petrol Kop 0    0

We all have that one bra who's like this.

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Famous Moments In Coloured History - The Swirl Kous 0    0

Come meet Maureen Baadtjies from Steenberg, as she makes a discovery that would change Coloured lives forever.

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When you try to be that friend 0    0

We all have friends who try their best to be "that friend" but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Like | Share | Comment or Subscribe for more funny video skits...

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Don't break your neck 0    0

We all enjoy a good music video, but be careful not to enjoy it too much, especially when your partners watching you. You might just end up like me. Like | Share | Comment or Subscribe for more fun...

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When your mother is tired of talking 0    0

I think every kid went through a stage where they never listened to their mother no matter how many times she has asked. I know it's part of growing and I'm sure every mother done the exact same thing...

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Are You Dating A FBoy 0    0

Are you dating a fuck boy? Are you into a guy, but are scared that he might be a fuck boy? I discuss some of the general symptoms that fuck boys tend to have. If you have anything else that you would ...

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Mark Answering Questions From Social Media 0    0

A quick video where I answer some questions from social media. I discuss the so called 'perdy boy' as well. Keep the questions rolling in, you might be featured next! STALK ME!! - Mark Fitzgibbon ...

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