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Day zero - Water rationing problems 0    0

With day zero looming, I wonder just how Couples will go about sharing their water rations

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Pranks on the streets of Durban 0    0

We pranked a Couple of people on the streets of Durban and got these priceless reactions! Starring: Kamalan Kamz Govender​ and some other random people #iten #myiten #prank Links: www....

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NAGGING GIRLFRIEND SYNDROME Most Couples will relate to this one! Starring: Have a bash with Tash​ and Keshan Chetty​ #iten #myiten #nagging #girlfriend #syndrome Links:

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Comedian Roland Gaspar on Exercise, Weight Loss and Dancing ... 0    0

Roland Gaspar, One of SA's top Comedians, shares moments of his journey of discovery in trying out a Couple of new methods of exercise. He also examines South Africans' love of dancing - even when the...

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ASSumption problems 0    0

In a relationship, assumptions can lead to many painful problems, some more painful than others. Share if you agree

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Ougat Met Jou - Tapfuma Makina [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] 0    0

This young Zimbabwean-born broadcaster’s dream becomes a reality when breakfast show host, Aden Thomas, plays his debut Afrikaans single. Over the past Couple of months Taps has been learning Afr...

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Choose Your Baby Name - Prank Call 0    0

Whackhead Simpson calls from Home Affairs to register a Couples new baby. He needs a name for the baby now. Check out Darren Simpson's daily podcasts at 947 Highveld Stereo.

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The perfect couple - Liar Liar 0    0

Dont you just hate it when your partner continuously lies to people, but then they catch you doing the same.. I really really hate it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making...

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African woman says Beyonce is her biological daughter 0    0

It’s 1984. A young woman working in a Durban hotel is forced to give up her daughter to a visiting American Couple, hoping that they’ll be able to provide a better life for her. Th...

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