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All about the hair 0    0

Females are Generally happy when their hair is clean..and men will do anything to keep them happy...or atleast try

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Can you pronounce Huawei 0    0

One time or other, we all pronounced the electronic brand, "Huawei" incorrectly so in partnership with @WeAreTheWei I headed into the streets of Cape Business District and ask the General pu...

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Questions South Africa - Episode 8 0    0

This episode of Questions South Africa is filmed at the ever popular Liberty Promenade Shopping Mall out in Mitchell's Plain. I ask 8 easy General knowledge questions hoping they'd get it right and in...

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Pranks on the streets of Durban 0    0

We pranked a couple of people on the streets of Durban and got these priceless reactions! Starring: Kamalan Kamz Govender​ and some other random people #iten #myiten #prank Links: www....

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K-Shaun's Diwali P.S.A 0    0

It's K-Shaun in the morn' with a Diwali Public Service Announcement! Be mindful and kind to all the animals today, especially the little doggies #iten #myiten #kshaun #woof Links: www.iten....

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NAGGING GIRLFRIEND SYNDROME Most couples will relate to this one! Starring: Have a bash with Tash​ and Keshan Chetty​ #iten #myiten #nagging #girlfriend #syndrome Links:

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Questions - South Africa, Episode 6 0    0

Episode 6 was long overdue! Ok, so if you not familiar with this social experiment, I"ll explain! I ask 10 easy General knowledge questions, mostly pertaining to South Africa and surrounds and...

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GTI 7 Owners Are Like 0    0

Sometimes, sexy cars aren't really chick magnets #iten #myiten #gti #guymagnet #lol Links: FOLLOW US! Keywords: iTen, My iTen, South Afri...

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The South African Mannequin Challenge 0    0

From Sportsmen to Politicians around the world doing the Mannequin Challenge, I thought it would be fitting to do this and showcase some of the daily challenges we face here in South Africa, yes, this...

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One Klap Man - South African Superhero 0    0

Meet Jaapie (a.k.a One Klap Man). As South Africas first real Superhero, he has some trouble "fitting in".

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Intifada Calls Out Mitchells Plains Fastest Car 0    0

Intifada Officially inviting Michells Plain to bring their fastest car and will give them a head start.

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Keegan The Movie - Warrahappen - Ft Michael Jackson 0    0

A movie based on a true story. It is a sad story until now, nobody knew warrahappen to Keegan. Now you Madhirs know. A Fire shoe production.

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Poes Klap Cape Town Style 0    0

Man agrees to be smacked for money, the outcome is hilarious. Cape Town South Africa

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