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South African Questions Season 2 - Episode 1 0    0

Today , I launch the 2nd season of South African Questions. The first season had 4 episodes in 2015 and was filmed across Cape Town. South African Questions is taken from the Worldstar Hiphop concep...

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Goemma Hare 0    0

Daltjies en Kapparangs (Episode 2)

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Eaters Anonymous 0    0

Cape Town Ramadaan Hilarious Animation 2016 from the Daltjies and Kapparangs puppet show Episode 1

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Police Man Scared of Snake 0    0

The officers hilariously screamed and ran for his life when he saw what the dog found.

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Are You Dating A FBoy 0    0

Are you dating a fuck boy? Are you into a guy, but are scared that he might be a fuck boy? I discuss some of the General symptoms that fuck boys tend to have. If you have anything else that you would ...

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Net innie Worcester 0    0

Ek se n ding binne in jou gesig nie agter jou rug nie, raak wys!

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My Vriend Se Vriend Se Vriend Se Hond 0    0

When you're an undercover FBI agent, with friends who have friends, who have friends....

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African woman says Beyonce is her biological daughter 0    0

It’s 1984. A young woman working in a Durban hotel is forced to give up her daughter to a visiting American couple, hoping that they’ll be able to provide a better life for her. Th...

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