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Drake - In My Feels (South African Parody) 0    0

Drake - In My Feels (Official Parody) South African Version Filmed 2018 in Athlone & Salt River Cape Town. Lyrics By Shakir ChuQy Audio Credit HfCrew Starring Sherazaan Cummings , Yaseen D...

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Whatsapp calls be like... Yes fash! 0    0

Whatsapp calls be like... Yes fash! Subscribe for more! SHARE this video with friends! :D Check out his Facebook page:

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The Petrol Kop 0    0

We all have that one bra who's like this.

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Ek Is n Dronk Lappie 0    0

Petrol Attenant doing his version of Los Lappie

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Nickelback Parady by Derick Watts sung by 1000 SA Fans 10    0

In 2013, Nickelback toured to South Africa. Since then we have had more power blackouts than usual, the price of Petrol seems to be increasing, and our President has also started acting weird. We h...

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