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Malema Causes Chaos In Parliament - SONA 2020 0    0

Members of Parliament clashed during the post-Sona debate on Tuesday when EFF leader Julius Malema was repeatedly interrupted during his speech, with allegations of domestic abuse being thrown in all ...

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Trevor Noah 911 in South Africa 0    0

South African 911 operators have a very different definition of “emergency.”

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Trevor Noah - Some Languages Are Scary 0    0

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show on how some world languages can be pretty scary.

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I kissed Winnie Mandela 0    0

Julius seems to worship the beauty of Winnie Mandela. He is seen here complimenting her, saying how beautiful she is. He also goes on to say that he kissed her

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Collecting Water in South Africa 1    0

In honor of World Water Day, Trevor recounts how he and his cousins would gather water from a shared tap every morning. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free:

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When Jacob Zuma Cum 0    0

Jacob Zuma speaks about cumming and the National Crisis of demanding we cum when we are told to. It's a please don't get upset=) Sources from Youtube 1. Jaco Griesel - https://www...

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De Lille In Denial 0    0

As controversy and questions swirl around Patricia De Lille’s future in Politics, the mayor - for now - remains defiant.

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John Steenhuisen Grills ANC MP's "Mampara of the m... 0    0

Steenhuisen should be a stand up comedian this guy is so funny "Like KFC their party does not deliver"

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SONA 2017 Crazy Moments 0    0

EFF Members Beaten Out of Parliament #SONA2017 Join the Pack ===SUBSCRIBE=== ====================================================== Follow on Facebook: Fol...

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How South Africa Could Prepare the U.S. for President Trump 0    0

Trevor compares Donald Trump to South African President Jacob Zuma, who also faces financial conflicts of interest, threatens to jail rivals and lashes out at the media.

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The Daily Show - South African President Jacob Zuma & Th... 0    0

South African President Jacob Zuma comes under fire for his government-funded home renovation, and dozens of world dignitaries are linked to shady offshore businesses, thanks to a Panama law firm. ...

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