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Pranks on the streets of Durban 0    0

We pranked a couple of people on the streets of Durban and got these priceless reactions! Starring: Kamalan Kamz Govender​ and some other Random people #iten #myiten #prank Links: www....

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When women flirt with Bae 0    0

Ever been in a situation where you with your loved one and a Random villain wants to steal your partner in front of you, blatantly flirting and making passes at him/her. What did you do? This vide...

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Please Donate To Jacob Zuma 0    0

Whackhead Simpson calls people at Random from The Friends Of Jacob Zuma...

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WARNING: DO NOT touch the Dolls 0    0

My daughter always enjoys playing with her doll but this time I interrupted her play time...and got punished for it!!! Leave a comment with your child's name and I will Randomly choose na...

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Say What I Say with Jacob Moshokoa 0    0

Whackhead starts a new series of calls where he gets a member of the Breakfast Express to Randomly call someone on their phone and have Whackhead dictate what they have to say. Today Jacob Moshokoa ca...

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Dove Pigeon 0    0

We asked Random women on the street what they thought of our exquisite new soap! Turns out its... just soap.

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Best Fails and Wins SA Edition - Part 1 34    0

FailZA is channel that makes the best fail compilations from South Africa - The first fail video compilation from South Africa has some great footage but we are looking for more. If you have fail v...

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Tiefs On The Plane - Mark Fitzgibbon 0    0

Today I cover the most irratating, annoying and disgusting people we find on airplanes (aeroplanes, fighter jets, noahs arks, pick your bic). I don't travel often, and I would prefer a road tr...

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Don't Mess With Coloured Women Ever! 37    0

This ou gets donnered for calling a coloured woman a Bitch and a naaier.

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If You Had Dit You Must Need Dit 12    0

Aunty Fief - If you had Dit, You must need Dit and If you dont need Dit you must eed dit and if you dont eed dit you must drink dit and if you dont drink it you must through it away dit

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