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When she pops that question 0    0

No matter what situation you in, she will ask you that question and you will do your best to avoid it

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I know you 0    0

I think after this you'll want to look at your partner much closely

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Best advice 0    0

Sometimes the best advice isnt always the best

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Women need to breathe 0    0

If you are in a relationship then this will happen to you. If you are married then this is daily

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Dont take my stuff 0    0

Dont you just hate it when your partner uses your things without asking

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Females never forget 0    0

No matter how long it's been since your last argument with your partner...she'll never forget

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When that song keeps you going 0    0

No matter what situation you go through...there will always be that song that keeps you going

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When your partner tries to bake 0    0

No matter how awful your partners baking will end up eating it

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Tit for Tat relationships 0    0

So you deep into your relationship and the just realised that your words would come back to bite you! Ever tell your partner something and he/she uses that exact same words against you? Well, that's T...

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