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NAGGING GIRLFRIEND SYNDROME Most couples will relate to this one! Starring: Have a bash with Tash​ and Keshan Chetty​ #iten #myiten #nagging #girlfriend #syndrome Links:

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When you tell your partner you don't have money. Always check your pockets before telling your partner you don't have money.

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Have you ever accidentally left your phone at home and immediately though that your partner might go through it? Hey? Mmmm... Is their something that want to say? lol Today's video is all about Tit fo...

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So you deep into your relationship and the just realised that your words would come back to bite you! Ever tell your partner something and he/she uses that exact same words against you? Well, that's T...

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Today I speak about Relationships. STALK ME!! Mark Fitzgibbon Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @Mark_Fitzy Snap Chat: Mar...

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Where do I start without stamping on anyones toes? Ok, Guys you first. Have you ever been in a relationship where the misses don't want you to hang with your boys? This is a safe place, your s...

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