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Joe Barber Ek Wietie 0    0

This famous Joe Barber sketch inspired by Abbott and Costello tells the story of a woman who writes to the tabloid newspaper seeking advice from the Agony Aunt columnist but using fake names 'Wie' 'W...

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South African Indian Slang - Riaad Moosa (The Comedy Doctor) 0    0

Riaad Moosa (The Comedy Doctor) talks about South African Indian Slang. As a capetonian, he was exposed to the Slang only when moving to joburg.

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Laeeqah Is Amazing 0    0

TIEFOLUTION! The evolution of tiefs. I describe the process of how a basic tief can evolve into a full fledged Tief Monster. I also touch on Laeeqah and comment on some of your comments! STALK ME!!...

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Cape Coloured Slang with Mark Fitzgibbon | Michael Cost 0    0

Fellow South African Youtuber, Mark Fitzgibbon, tests me on how well I know Cape Coloured Slang. To all the foreigners the word coloured is not a negative word in South Africa. I had so much fun ma...

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