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Weatherman Gets Pranked 0    0

Whackhead has some fun with weatherman Simon Gear and Derrick Van Dam.

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Die Turbo Scooter 0    0

Ons doen bietjie 'n turbo op 'n scooter..220 Papa! Die movie feature vir Bubbles, Theunsie, Vuurhoutjies en natuurlik ekke, oom Paul. Ons het musiek van ander manne gebruik so gee hier credit: ...

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Koppel Feelings Music Video 0    0

Title: Koppel Feelings [Official Video] Description: To "Koppel" is to arrange, connect or develop. This content is property of Devdondidit & Justinn Vega. Download the song ...

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Dear Trev - Eminem - Stan Parody for Trevor Noah 10    0

Deep Fried Man feat. Daddy Longstem & Nurse Liefie A little-known South African comedian attempts to make contact with his idol Trevor Noah. Things escalate quickly. Song: A parody of Eminem's Sta...

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Jacob Zuma Funny Facts 13    0

What does Nkandla mean? Do firepools exist? How many wives does Jacob Zuma have? Is Zuma the Dancing President or the Laughing president? Will he ever Pay Back The Money? Left Shark or Michael Jack...

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Things Not To Say To A South African - Michael Cost 3    0

These are common funny questions Foreigners ask South Africans. I thought I would add this to my new series ' Things Not To Say...' videos. Let me know if you have received strange que...

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Kak Stirvy by DooKoom 6    0

Kak Stirvy is from DOOKOOM's debut EP, 'DOOKOOM'. You can download the 6-track EP for free. Or you can pay what you want. Or you can buy the collectable, hand-engraved, individ...

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