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The Petrol Kop 0    0

We all have that one bra who's like this.

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Famous Moments In Coloured History - The Swirl Kous 0    0

Come meet Maureen Baadtjies from Steenberg, as she makes a discovery that would change Coloured lives forever.

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When you try to be that friend 0    0

We all have friends who try their best to be "that friend" but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Like | Share | Comment or Subscribe for more funny video skits...

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Don't break your neck 0    0

We all enjoy a good music video, but be careful not to enjoy it too much, especially when your partners watching you. You might just end up like me. Like | Share | Comment or Subscribe for more fun...

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When your mother is tired of talking 0    0

I think every kid went through a stage where they never listened to their mother no matter how many times she has asked. I know it's part of growing and I'm sure every mother done the exact same thing...

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Are You Dating A FBoy 0    0

Are you dating a fuck boy? Are you into a guy, but are scared that he might be a fuck boy? I discuss some of the general symptoms that fuck boys tend to have. If you have anything else that you would ...

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Mark Answering Questions From Social Media 0    0

A quick video where I answer some questions from social media. I discuss the so called 'perdy boy' as well. Keep the questions rolling in, you might be featured next! STALK ME!! - Mark Fitzgibbon ...

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Net innie Worcester 0    0

Ek se n ding binne in jou gesig nie agter jou rug nie, raak wys!

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My Vriend Se Vriend Se Vriend Se Hond 0    0

When you're an undercover FBI agent, with friends who have friends, who have friends....

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Do You Have a Winter Bae 0    0

Today Chantal has something to say about the Winter Bae. I also read some tweets from twitter. STALK ME!! Twitter: Facebook:

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When you pretended to be sick 0    0

Back in the day, as kids especially during the winter days we pulled a "sickie" from the night before just so that we could stay home for whatever reason! When we got confirmation from our p...

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Fitzy Reads Mean Comments 0    0

I read some of the lovely mean comments that I recently received on my channel. These comments do make me feel a tad bit uncomfortable, but they are drowned by all of the positive ones that people tak...

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When You Asked Your Mom To Buy Something 0    0

Do you remember that kid that always had that latest toy, gadget or clothing brand that everybody wanted? If you don't know what Im talking about then you are that spoilt kid. Now, as a kid who never ...

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