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Those private moments alone 0    0

Those private moments alone What do you do when you have some alone time? hahaha Like | Share | Comment #PrivateMoments #AloneTime

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When your partner makes your favorite 0    0

We all enjoy a good snack...but when your partner makes your favorite then you have to show your appreciation hahaha

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When men get hurt 0    0

When a female gets hurt men assume that they over react, but when men get hurt they take it to a whole other level. hahahaha

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When you beat a spider 0    0

If you dont like spiders then you must beat it hahahaha Share if you beat it

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Back to being boys 0    0

If you see guys hanging on street corners acting like boys, this could be the reason why... hahahahaha Share this video with every guy you know

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When men have trust issues 0    0

When women have trust issues, they go vocal. But when men have trust issues, they remain calm and play it cool hahahaha Like | Share | Comment

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When you in the comfort zone 0    0

In your relationship you will reach your comfort zone...with some comforts stronger than others hahaha Share if you agree

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Jou Kont Se Kind 0    0

Jy Stoot die bakkie maar daar is niemand voor nie, nou watter naaidery is dit. hahahah

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How to Afrikaans by Michael Cost 10    0

Easy Tips to Afrikaans. It is however advisable not to use these tips EVER! Thank so much for watching, I hope it made you laugh share with your fellow South African. This is apart of the August #Y...

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