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Crazy neighbour Jan in South Africa 0    0

"He is crazy. It looks like he's a circus act, " neighbors say about Jan, while he's dancing around in a pink bra. Jan lives in the South African Fietas district. After he lost his job as a ...

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Weatherman Gets Pranked 0    0

Whackhead has some fun with weatherman Simon Gear and Derrick Van Dam.

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When Its Raining - TaFire 0    0

Afrikaans households vs Black households when it's raining!!!

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Noko Mashaba - Izinyoka Mess 0    0

Noko's first day as an Eskom trainee turns sour for the Izinyoka. The adventures of Noko Mashaba by Jonas Lekganyane:

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Winter Problems by Dendondidit 0    0

If you noticed, I'm doing a series of problems people face during Winter, this is the 3rd instalment and boy, is this one true! Being a coloured, some of us are given "semi genuines" and oth...

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The Cape Flats Smile 0    0

The `Cape Flats Smile' (sometimes referred to as the `Passion Gap’) refers to a common tradition amongst many Kwaaitonians across greater Cape Town, where the four front incisors or teeth are delibe...

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Are All Cops Racist - Daily Show With Trevor Noah 0    0

To determine whether cops are racist, Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. enlist a police bias training program. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

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Aunty Chantal by Mark Fitzgibbon 3    0

Auntie Chantal has something to tell you, and its not pretty. Additional tenx to Allison Graine for teaching me the "Shit Damn" chant. Don't touch mi sweg. STALK ME!! Twitter...

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