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The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers - Prank Call 0    0

Whackhead calls a Batman fan going to see The Dark Knight rises and tries to spoil the whole movie and ruin it before he sees it...

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Interview with Indian Deadpool 0    0

Catch our interview with Deadpool himself.. just before the pre-screening at Musgrave, Sterkinekor Cinema

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Offsides Rugby - Episode 4 0    0

The Panel review the Battle of Loftus and the final game of the 2016 Rugby Championship.

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Offsides Rugby - Episode 2 0    0

The Panel review the Springbok Brisbane blunder. A parody on the South African rugby scene. Featu...

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Indian Parents React To 50 Shades Of Grey Trailer 0    0

LAST VIDEO: TWEET THIS VIDEO: Join the FREE Team Super Mailing List: Hi! My name is Lilly and I make funny videos every Monday an...

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Jou Ma Se Comedy Club Preview 2    0

JOU MA SE COMEDY CLUB PRESENTS" Cape Town's premier stand-up comedy club will be in Grahamstown for the duration of the National Arts Festival, bringing festival goers 10 late night c...

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