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Coloured Madlipz Compilation 0    0

The funniest SA movie parodies....i bet you,you will laugh your ass off. Please subscribe to my channel and follow me .thanks for watching

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Zulu speaking Jean Claude Van Damme 0    0

JC Van Damme dancing to a famous South African Maskandi music track

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Second US Presidential Debate - In Afrikaans Accents 1    0

Things are hotting up in America with the two presidential campaigns starting to get nasty. It's hard to watch the vitriol being spewed from both sides, but we wonder if it would be as disturbing if t...

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Trump Clinton Debate 2016 - in Afrikaans Accents 1    0

When Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire reality TV host we all know and love, announced his candidacy for US President, nobody thought he would get far. We have always wondered, however, if he wo...

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Heinrich Potgieter Afrikaans Spoof 0    0

Part 1 of the Heinrich Potgieter series. Part 2 is soon to come! Dit sal befok wees. I do not in any way claim that this is my own work.

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