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Lifewithiemie submitted Dont take my stuff 5 days ago

Dont take my stuff 0    0

Dont you just hate it when your partner uses your things without asking

Lifewithiemie submitted When you try to look tough 2 weeks ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Desperate measures 3 weeks ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Festive shopping in the hood 1 month ago

Festive shopping in the hood 0    0

Its amazing how everyone wants shoes in the festive season

Lifewithiemie submitted Have it both ways 1 month ago

Have it both ways 0    0

Why have it one way? When you can have it both ways! Get the Indonesian vs Malaysian special at Bin Rashied for only R79.90. Available in medium only T's and C's apply #HungerHeros

Lifewithiemie submitted When shes off her period 2 months ago

When shes off her period 0    0

When you find out your partner is off her period

Lifewithiemie submitted Stop it 2 months ago

Stop it 0    0

When a female says "Stop it", you better listen

Lifewithiemie submitted Don't get your hand caught in a trap 2 months ago

Don't get your hand caught in a trap 0    0

Don't get your hand caught in a trap! Buy 2 Large Margheritas for R109 every Monday - Thursday at Bin Rashied. T's & C's apply. #HungerHeros Saving you one meal at a time!

Lifewithiemie submitted Kung fu on the Cape flats 2 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted When your phone gets stolen 2 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Insecure partner 3 months ago

Insecure partner 0    0

Dont you just love insecure partners?

Lifewithiemie submitted When she needs to upgrade 3 months ago

When she needs to upgrade 0    0

Often you'll see girls taking selfies in the streets...or are they

Lifewithiemie submitted Brasse first 3 months ago

Brasse first 0    0

Theres only one thing that can separate the brasse

Lifewithiemie submitted Females never forget 4 months ago

Females never forget 0    0

No matter how long it's been since your last argument with your partner...she'll never forget

Lifewithiemie submitted Its Legal 4 months ago

Its Legal 0    0

South Africa...are you ready?

Lifewithiemie submitted Kidnapping 4 months ago

Kidnapping 0    0

What would you do if you heard there was a kidnapping #leaveourkidsalone #kidnappingmustfall #savethekids

Lifewithiemie submitted Home invasion 5 months ago

Home invasion 0    0

Everyone hates a home invasion

Lifewithiemie submitted Solid Pump 5 months ago

Solid Pump 0    0

How solid is your pump? Virgin Active RED #jointhemovement #feelalive #livewithmore

Lifewithiemie submitted When men feel pain 5 months ago

When men feel pain 0    0

Men can handle pain, but how they deal with it is another story

Lifewithiemie submitted When you cant resist 5 months ago

When you cant resist 0    0

Some of you still cannot resist this feeling