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Lifewithiemie submitted Polly want a cracker 1 week ago

Polly want a cracker 0    0

We visited a Petshop and boy was it fun

Lifewithiemie submitted Karamonk 2 weeks ago

Karamonk 0    0

Karamonk This video is purely for entertainment and educational purposes

Lifewithiemie submitted When the loafer game is strong 4 weeks ago

When the loafer game is strong 0    0

I think it's fair to say that we all know a loafer like this

Lifewithiemie submitted The language of love 1 month ago

The language of love 0    0

Theres only one language that you can really feel ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted When it rains on the Cape flats 1 month ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Best advice 2 months ago

Best advice 0    0

Sometimes the best advice isnt always the best

Lifewithiemie submitted Load Shedding Nights 2 months ago

Load Shedding Nights 0    0

Here in Cape Town, load shedding is a reality affecting us all, and when the power goes off...things get stranger and stranger

Lifewithiemie submitted When you get caught 2 months ago

When you get caught 0    0

Did you ever wonder how some men get away with things...and did you ever wonder how most men get caught

Lifewithiemie submitted Kaap Popping - Official music video 3 months ago

Kaap Popping - Official music video 1    3

Kaap Popping (Official music video) Production by Alph4 MP3 download: https://www.mediafire.com/…/Kaap_Popping_%28Prod._by_A…/file #KaapPopping #reppingthekaap #lifewithiemie

Lifewithiemie submitted Being brave in South Africa 3 months ago

Being brave in South Africa 0    0

It takes alot to be the brave hero, especially in South Africa...but for how long

Lifewithiemie submitted Over dramatic partners 4 months ago

Over dramatic partners 0    0

Do you have a over dramatic partner? This could happen to you

Lifewithiemie submitted Women need to breathe 4 months ago

Women need to breathe 0    0

If you are in a relationship then this will happen to you. If you are married then this is daily

Lifewithiemie submitted How accidents happen 4 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Dont take my stuff 4 months ago

Dont take my stuff 0    0

Dont you just hate it when your partner uses your things without asking

Lifewithiemie submitted When you try to look tough 4 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Desperate measures 5 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Festive shopping in the hood 5 months ago

Festive shopping in the hood 0    0

Its amazing how everyone wants shoes in the festive season