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Lifewithiemie submitted When phone batteries die 2 days ago

When phone batteries die 0    0

Things become more clearer when your phone battery dies

Lifewithiemie submitted The Talk 4 days ago

The Talk 0    0

How many of you having your final talks

Lifewithiemie submitted To all 2019 Matriculants 2 weeks ago

To all 2019 Matriculants 0    0

Crongrats to all those who passed and for those who never..its not the end of the world ✌

Lifewithiemie submitted The Masala Countdown 3 weeks ago

The Masala Countdown 0    0

This must be the worst position for us to be in during the countdown to the new year ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted How men try their luck 3 weeks ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Why! 1 month ago

Why! 0    0

Why! Does this happen to you?

Lifewithiemie submitted Festive Holiday Travelling 1 month ago

Festive Holiday Travelling 0    0

Festive holiday travelling We all travel light ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted When she takes too long 2 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted How to avoid Chores 2 months ago

How to avoid Chores 0    0

Trust me...this always sometimes works ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted Cougar on the prowl 2 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Goodhope tyres Black Friday Sale 2 months ago

Goodhope tyres Black Friday Sale 0    0

You'll do just about anything to get their specials first ✋

Original Risitas,with english subtitles! Very Funny Laugh in... 0    0

Old but Epic!!! Subtitles: Go to the player settings, Subtitles/CC, Translate captions - English, enable subtitles and enjoy!

Lifewithiemie submitted Dont be that bra 2 months ago

Dont be that bra 0    0

When you give your bra direction and he completely messes up. This can leave you in alot of trouble

Lifewithiemie submitted When your bra tramps on your clean shoes 2 months ago

When your bra tramps on your clean shoes 0    0

Dont you just hate it when someone tramps on your clean shoes

Lifewithiemie submitted A normal South African day 3 months ago

A normal South African day 0    0

Since winning the Rugby World cup our days have been pretty normal in South Africa ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted The real springbok winners 3 months ago

The real springbok winners 0    0

As we see the Bokke heading into the finals. We need to remind ourselves that there are also other winners in some households

Lifewithiemie submitted How couples react to bees 3 months ago