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Lifewithiemie submitted That bra that talks with his hands 2 weeks ago

That bra that talks with his hands 0    0

I had a friend who talked with his hands...we no longer friends

Lifewithiemie submitted #bottlecapchallenge 2 weeks ago

#bottlecapchallenge 0    0

Please note: DO NOT try this challenge if you are married

Lifewithiemie submitted When food does this to you 2 weeks ago

When food does this to you 0    0

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.... I believe this to be true

Lifewithiemie submitted When you play broke 4 weeks ago
Lifewithiemie submitted When the poop dont stink 1 month ago

When the poop dont stink 0    0

When the poop dont stink...but then it does

Lifewithiemie submitted Competition Time: Fathers day gift 1 month ago

Competition Time: Fathers day gift 0    0

COMPETITION TIME!!! Spoil your dad this fathers day Win 1 of 5 Fathers day vouchers to the value of R700 from @goodhopetryres Tokai. Details in the video ✌

Lifewithiemie submitted When the offer is that lekker 1 month ago

When the offer is that lekker 0    0

When the offer is that lekker For those of you who have parents, how often do you spoil them? And more importantly...how often do you see how happy they get

Lifewithiemie submitted Ordinary People 1 month ago

Ordinary People 0    0

It's true what they say...happy wife, happy life ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted Kidnapping in the pwasa 2 months ago

Kidnapping in the pwasa 0    0

As funny as this video might seem...kidnapping is a serious matter..look after your kids...and yourself ✌

Lifewithiemie submitted Boeta Saatjies - Vasace Parody 2 months ago

Boeta Saatjies - Vasace Parody 0    0

When you trying to enjoy a lovely evening someone always knocks on yout door

Lifewithiemie submitted Good things take time 2 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Polly want a cracker 2 months ago

Polly want a cracker 0    0

We visited a Petshop and boy was it fun

Lifewithiemie submitted Karamonk 2 months ago

Karamonk 0    0

Karamonk This video is purely for entertainment and educational purposes

Lifewithiemie submitted When the loafer game is strong 3 months ago

When the loafer game is strong 0    0

I think it's fair to say that we all know a loafer like this

Lifewithiemie submitted The language of love 3 months ago

The language of love 0    0

Theres only one language that you can really feel ✋

Lifewithiemie submitted When it rains on the Cape flats 3 months ago
Lifewithiemie submitted Best advice 4 months ago

Best advice 0    0

Sometimes the best advice isnt always the best

Lifewithiemie submitted Load Shedding Nights 4 months ago

Load Shedding Nights 0    0

Here in Cape Town, load shedding is a reality affecting us all, and when the power goes off...things get stranger and stranger