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Don't break your neck 0    0

We all enjoy a good music video, but be careful not to enjoy it too much, especially when your partners watching you. You might just end up like me. Like | Share | Comment or Subscribe for more fun...

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Salaahman: Why he'll will never be a superhero 0    0

There will always be a Superman, a Batman, but never a Salaahman and this is why! Hit the Subscribe button if you enjoyed this video

Life with iemie 552 views

When it's that time of the month 0    0

We as men understand the things women go through in life, but men suffer too and what a better way to show it. Like | Share | Comment

Life with iemie 566 views

When you remember the good old days 0    0

We all enjoy having flashbacks from a time when we were younger. This is my flashback to when I visited my wifes house for the first time. Like | Share | Comment or Subscribe for more. Thanks for w...

Life with iemie 711 views

WARNING: DO NOT touch the Dolls 0    0

My daughter always enjoys playing with her doll but this time I interrupted her play time...and got punished for it!!! Leave a comment with your child's name and I will randomly choose na...

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Childbirth: Bro support 0    0

Childbirth is such a joy, especially when you have your bro support at all times. I hope you guys enjoyed this video...if you'd like to see more like this then hit the Subscribe button. T...

Life with iemie 889 views

The perfect couple - Liar Liar 0    0

Dont you just hate it when your partner continuously lies to people, but then they catch you doing the same.. I really really hate it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making...

Life with iemie 961 views

The missing Samosa's - Epic movie trailer 0    0

When you really wanted a Samosa but then someone else ate them all. If you have friends that enjoy a good Samosa the share this with them...because sharing is care. Thanks for watching my epic movi...

Life with iemie 614 views

Keeping the love local on Valentines day 0    0

How funny is it to looking back at your first crush and how crazy things were back then... I hope you guys enjoyed this valentines video. Please Share or Subscribe for more crazy videos. Thanks ...

Life with iemie 932 views