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Laeeqah Thug Life 0    0

Cyber Bully Laeeqah Ryklief has gone Thug Life !

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Kevin Hart vs Laeeqah Jade Ryklief 0    0

Kevin Hart takes on Cyber Bully Laeeqah Jade Ryklief. Social media has erupted following the release of a video showcasing a Cape Town schoolgirl making violent threats. Watch the origina...

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The Right To Be A Bunny 0    0

Nathan Kennedy celebrating the right to be a bunny on human rights day.

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Dating Out of Your League 0    0

Nathan Kennedy describes dating out of your league as being Ompaa

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Sit Dit Maar Op Die Kaart Liefie 0    0

Die is nou as jy te veel gedrink het en jou vrou bel jou om geld te vra.

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Goldilocks The Coloured Version 1    0

The South African Coloured Version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

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Cape Coloured Passion Gap 0    0

Why do people pull perfectly healthy front teeth, these guys explains.

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Stall The Thief For 5 Minutes - Prank Call 0    0

Villes wifes phone has been stolen. Villes son helps set up this prank where Ville believes that if he gets a call from the thief, the phone can be tracked if the thief's kept on the phon...

Markcoax 1,368 views

Trevor Noah on John Bishop Show - Colonialism 12    0

Watch Trevor Noah remind a British audience of their country's colonial past

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