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While we outchea tryna make history for our people you making waves with your negitive crap! 

Published 4 years ago

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  • Ladyk-hotstepper 4 years ago

    Zoe,, neh, you are a true inspiration to me, that is what I call being real, we come through struggles she cant even dream about going through, jinnne only16 and thinking its gehard to act all gangster, it brings no one nowhere in life,I hope she stumbles upon your video and many others and listen carefully to the words you are saying and the message you are trying to get across. Big ups to you, one day I hope to meet you. There are very few of the realist females out there. Take care keep doing what you doing, God Bless #peace

    Admin 4 years ago

    @Ladyk-hotstepper Amen Sister