Best Nek Nomination Ever/What Being At An All Boys School Taught Me.


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I understand there is a lot of swearing in this video however I feel as if I needed to portray the character as well as I could (BACK OFF) Oh and also. Penis. Hope all DEM ladies enjoyed my twerking #youngschoolboylookingforlove I have had such issues with my editor so that is why it is a day late. Thank you Carly for letting me stay at her house (shack) until 1 in the morning to edit. Love ya #tooscaredtosayYOU Tequila Tuesdays lives on strong however lets just say I put new videos out every Tuesday/Wednesday #JennaMarbles. #milan #Tags4likes Hope you enjoy it! SUBSCRIBE Stalk me on: Fusbook: Tit:https: // Insta:http: // I read everything you guys send me. Thank you for the support! Love maa BERGers X Bored Housewife

Published 7 years ago

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