Boti July - The guy behind yena aya kwini part 1


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This is Boti July, the guy behind 'yena aya kwini' trend/meme. 'Yena aya kwini' literary mean 'where were you going?'. But people on social media are using this phrase figuratively as 'what were you doing?'. This happens especially if you did something that backfired. He is from a small village of Bambeni in Giyani. In this video he is speaking about his relative who is putting her nose in his personal life. Although it is not mentioned, it is believed that the person concerned is his aunt (mhani ntsongo). Mhani ntsongo also accuse him of dating people that he never dated. Because the aunt knows everything that is happening about his life even at night - he is asking where was she going (yena aya kwini). He is firing back by also exposing his aunt's issues. I added sub-titles but you need to learn Xitsonga.

Published 4 years ago

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