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Fellow South African Youtuber, Mark Fitzgibbon, tests me on how well I know Cape Coloured Slang. To all the foreigners the word coloured is not a negative word in South Africa. I had so much fun making this with Mark so make sure to check out the crazy video we did on his channel. Mark's video: Please SUBSCRIBE and leave your COMMENTS, tell me which word is your new favourite Cape Coloured Slang word! ------------------------------------------------------------------ WHERE CAN YOU FIND ME: - TWITTER: - INSTAGRAM: - FACEBOOK: - PINTEREST: ------------------------------------------------------------------ WHERE CAN YOU FIND MARK: -YOUTUBE: - TWITTER: - INSTAGRAM: - FACEBOOK: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Bananas, I had so much fun with filming with Mark. The video we made on his channel is hilarious and of course I had to show of my SpongeBob underwear to his viewers. Had so much fun in Cape Town last week and spending time with Mark, even got to meet some of his subscribers even if they had no idea who I was. I am going to try upload two videos a week for the next month or two. Pushing my YouTube channel hard and hoping to make more Bananas in my bunch. In case you are new, I call my subscribers 'Bananas' because they are the best bananas in the bunch for subscribing to me. Get it, get it, split it. so if you are a new Banana, go to the Comment section and write New Banana. You have read this far so you might as well comment. ------------------------------------------------------------------ #Mark #MarkFitzy #MarkFitzgibbon #Fitzgibbon #CapeTown #CapeTownYoutubers #CapeTownYoutuber #Cape #CapeColoured #CapeColouredSlang #CapeColouredHumour #MichaelCost #SouthAfrica #SouthAfricanComedyVideos #SouthAfricanYoutubers #SouthAfrican #SouthAfricanYoutuber

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