Dating Amy by Whackhead Simpson


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Prank by Darren Whackhead Simpson on 2015/11/06 . SUBSCRIBE for the latest phone prank calls , hilarious videos and bloopers . All phone pranks are created by Darren Whackhead Simpson , a world renoun phone prankster located in Johannesburg South Africa . Whackhead Simpson as he is affectionately know is the host of the breakfast xpress formely The Rude Awakening/Whackhead's Window on Joburg's No1 Hit Music Station 94.7 Highveld Stereo SUBSCRIBE for the latest Whackhead 94.7 prank calls from the Breakfast Xpress - 94.7 Prank calls performed by Whackhead simpson 2016 / 2015 .

Published 5 years ago

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