How to Afrikaans by Michael Cost


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Easy Tips to Afrikaans. It is however advisable not to use these tips EVER! Thank so much for watching, I hope it made you laugh share with your fellow South African. This is apart of the August #YoutubeZA tag. Make sure you check out all the other South African youtubers Videos. Please SUBSCRIBE so that I can continue to make videos. It is only a click, that's all I need. See the big red button that says 'SUBSCRIBE' just click it and done. __________________________ WHERE CAN YOU FIND ME: - TWITTER : - INSTAGRAM: - FACEBOOK: ------------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT DO YOU WANT THE NEXT VIDEO TO BE? ---------------------------------------------- Not until till lately have I realized that there are so many South Africans making videos now a days. I think it is great that there are people making positive videos about SA. I have been talking with work mates about youtube lately and we love Jenna Marbles, yes I know this is way off topic but if your still reading this then you just have to continue reading it. Any way we love her. She is great and makes me motivated as does the south African youtuber Anne Hirsch. I think that's the correct spelling. Anyway she makes me laugh, Anne, she is like a super crazy that I think I am secretly. Could you imagine her crazy and my crazy, I think its a good thing that we are in different cities or else all hell would break loose. Things are looking good for me now a days so hopefully that means more youtube videos. Its really hard though, work 8-5 everyday and the weekend I am tired but I don't feel complete without making a video. Is that weird? I ask this question as if anyone will actually read all of this shit. If you are reading this far, firstly, WTF man, and secondly, please comment BANANA in the comment section. That will mark our eternal love in a non creepy or homo way. WAIT did anyone feel that earthquake in SA the other day, I so wanted to tweet 'I just dropped my ego, sorry' haha. Okay so going to try and write these mini stupid essays at the end of my videos for SHITS AND GIGGLES. okay cheers!

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