How To Make A Baby - By Mark Fitzgibbon


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In this video I teach you how to conceive a baby with your significant other. I go through all the steps of copulation and sex. Have a baby today! They are great for many things. Make sure you have a stable job and partner before trying this at home! Watch this video if you want to have sex for the first time but you are scared you will not do it right. Watch this if you had bad sex, and want to make it better. Watch this if you love sex... Sies you hoermeid, lol just joking. Mark stop talking you are not funny. If you are wondering who the baby in this video is, His name is Daniel Hans. He is the cutest baby you will ever gaze your eyes upon. STALK ME!! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @Mark_Fitzy Snap Chat: Mark.Fitzy Vine: @Mark_Fitzy Thank You and Voetjek!

Published 2 years ago

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