I Am Christelle by Brandon Berg


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Christelle goes on tour with Mark Fitzgibbon testing testing 12 12 this is christelle. Trish I have made this video on the you channel to announce that i will be gracing the stages of cape town soon soon. Mark and I are having our very own live show, shame he will clean I will perform no shame hey! Brenden does not yet know the dates shame he is very dof trish, CLINICALLY DOF but soon me and that Mark Fitzgibbon boy will be on tour and we will let you know all the dates via the social medias .com or whatever. I hope that many of you LITTLE SHITS, Kardashian watching cookie flashers will be there! You do the fish and chips and I will do the pud, make sure to watch my last video on Brendans You channel where I took a bath. Stalk me: Fusbook: https://Facebook.com/EdgeByBrandonBerg Tit: https://twitter.com/EdgeBrandonBerg Insta:https://instagram.com/brandon_peter_b... Snapchat: Edgebb yes yes and you?

Published 7 years ago

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