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Leon Schuster is SA's number one prankster and makes the most successful movies ever! His latest offering is 'Oh Shucks, Your Country Needs You' and it's out this Summer. We were at the premiere, where Director & Co-Writer Gray Hofmeyr and co-star Rob van Vuuren make a cameo. Leon and I also play GLEB and he touches my boob and his sidekick Alfred Ntombela joins us! For more on Oh Schuks, Your Country Needs You: www.facebook.com/SchuksYourCountryNeedsYou Download our The Anne Hirsch Show APP here http://bit.ly/18LcflZ Thanks to Go Life Mobile Technologies Listen to The Anne Hirsch Radio Show Wednesday nights 9-10pm on JacarandaFM or East Coast Radio or soda stream from their websites. Follow Anne on Twitter here https://twitter.com/Anne_Hirsch Follow Zootee Studios here https://twitter.com/Zootee_Rentals Follow Leon here https://twitter.com/SchuksSchuster No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

Published 7 years ago

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