Ougat Met Jou - Tapfuma Makina [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


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This young Zimbabwean-born broadcaster’s dream becomes a reality when breakfast show host, Aden Thomas, plays his debut Afrikaans single.

Over the past couple of months Taps has been learning Afrikaans one song at a time in the popular 07h40 radio feature ‘Woord Vir Woord’ - learning essential phrases lifted from the lyrics of popular Afrikaans songs. Phrases like, “die donkie is ’n wonderlike ding” and “jy is my droomvrou” to mention but two of the many he has added to his vocabulary. During this time he has practiced a combination of these phrases and words on the fictitious character known as Maryna.

Maryna has become the main character in all of Tapfuma’s tutelage, so it would make sense that when he said he’d like to become an Afrikaans one-hit wonder, that she would have to be the theme of his song.

Hearing the depression in his voice to become a well known Afrikaans superstar, Aden Thomas, decided to present him with a song writing opportunity.

The challenge to write, record and produce an Afrikaans song and music video was issued to him just over a week ago, so the question is, is it possible to produce a hit song in this time?

Well, you’ll just have to tune in and find out.

*** Big thanks to the experts: Jaco van Niekerk, videographer, and Johann Botha, creative director at Iphotosa_com | The talent: Tapfuma Makina, Jo-Dee Butler & Grant Jansen | Technical: Kevin Petersen and Duncan Patrick | Thank you also to the management N1 City Mall, Cape Town, South Africa and Wonderland

Published 6 years ago

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