The Car Guard Song (Eminem feat. Rihanna Parody)


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Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues are back with another typically South African-themed parody video. The 'Braaiday' creators turn their attention to car guards, and give you a glimpse into a previously unseen world - one where anything can happen whilst you are away from your beloved vehicle. Featuring a cameo or two from several well-known faces, this video will make you laugh, cry and reach for a R5 coin all at the same time! You'll never look at the brave men and women who put themselves on the line to protect your car in the same way again. Guest vocals by Evelyn Hart: Ard Matthews: Buy the original song, 'Love The Way You Lie' by Eminem feat. Rhianna on iTunes: ================================== LYRICS: ©2012 NIcholas Smal & Gareth Allison ================================== You think I just stand here and watch your ride But that's not all there's so much more than meets the eye So now you return with a big sigh Handing me a 2 when I at least deserve a 5 I can't tell you what I go through I can only promise ill protect you In this job, the responsibility is so huge I can't leave, gotta keep your vehicle within site No matter what happens I'll protect it with my own life. Look at this vest...this is your seal Of quality, Your car it is safe when it's with me, this I can guarantee So when you inside busy shopping for your groceries Just know that I'm hard at work to help you keep your mind at ease. When you working on the street, The times are tough, when things get rough, you rise above It is my duty to keep any form of danger at arm's length Come rain, or shine, I will protect within my own strength When I put on this vest, I'm like a super hero fighting crime This is my job, I do not do this part-time Even though sometimes you gotta be prepared to put your body on the line You think I just stand here and watch your ride But that's not all there's so much more than meets the eye So now you return with a big sigh Handing me a 2 when I at least deserve a 5 You ever love something so much, you worked so hard to make it happen? Protecting cars is in my blood, it is my passion After school I knew exactly what I should be So I followed my dream - I went to UCG I studied so hard, the nights were long Quitting was the easy way out, but I stayed strong Graduation day came, I was on top of the world The streets were my oyster and the car was my pearl But it isn't all fun and it isn't all games You get your hands dirty earning people's spare change Sometimes you get silver and sometimes you get bronze Other times you get to the peoples car, but the people are gone So many close calls that go unseen So many different kinds of people always treating you mean I Keep your car safe man, is that such a crime? But still you say u got no cash, you'll pay me next time I stand here and watch you drive Left here empty handed, I won't let you see me cry Tired of the rejection - my hope runs dry Lost all motivation, don't know why I even try Why do I even try? 'My brother, what's the problem? Why have you taken off your vest? Are you quitting? I heard you were one of the best!' It's hopeless, every day these people treat me the same They do not show any appreciation for my trade. 'Should I call the pity police at the nearest phone booth, or are you gonna listen as I spit you some truth? Look at me dawg, I'm the Car Guard King Do you think I earned that title sitting down and crying? You gotta recognise no pain no gain I got five rands hanging from my neck and my chain I got to where I am with hard work and lots of pride And doesn't hurt to sell a little coke on the side...' Wait, what did you say?! 'Mmmmmhard work and pride!' No, you said something about... 'Never mind that now, I think my work here is done Now pick up your vest your journey has begun You can finish the rest!' How could I have been so blind? Those epic words of wisdom hit me right between the eyes This is my message to all mankind: When you're not around, your car is safe within my sight It's safe within my sight

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