The South African Questions - Episode 2


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It's back. Question South Africa episode 2 is here. You probably saw the 1st installment and thought this couldn't be real, well, think again! This time I headed out to a vibey Camps Bay beach where the trendy good looking people enjoy good food and sun. You tend to think that the crowd who hangs out there are your well educated students, your intelligent entrepreneurs, business minded people and not forgetting the rich and famous but judging by their answers, I'm not too sure... wait, you decide! Sea Point Promenade was the other location and there I approached couples testing their general knowledge together as a team. My Question to you is: Who is to blame for our lack of general knowledge about our country? Is it the individual who is not bothered by the history of South Africa (Why is he/she not bothered???) or do we go and blame our Education system?

Published 2 years ago

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