Things Not To Say To A South African - Michael Cost


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These are common funny questions Foreigners ask South Africans. I thought I would add this to my new series ' Things Not To Say...' videos. Let me know if you have received strange questions as well in the comment section. Please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE. ------------------------------------------------------------------ WHERE CAN YOU FIND ME: - TWITTER: - INSTAGRAM: - FACEBOOK: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Banana. It was Greek Easter this past weekend and I wasn't meant to upload a video this week but after the past month of uploading a new video every week, I thought I had to keep up the momentum. I hope you are enjoying my videos. I have been working extremely hard at university and trying to make great videos for you bananas. Remember, if you want me to make a specific video, let me know if the comment section!!!!! Also, I would love to find out how you found my channel. So tell me! Until the next upload! Cheers Banana! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Closing Music by Two Lives Left (Admiral Ackbar): (Used with permission) ------------------------------------------------------------------

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