Why Men Hate Shopping the Song


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Is there anything worse than being dragged to the shops for hours on end by your lady? Well, besides a shark attack on land, not much...but it's still pretty bad, right guys? ITUNES worldwide: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/why-men-hate-shopping-single/id935591958 ============ CREDITS: Crew: Producers – Nicholas Smal & Darren Wertheim Director – Nicholas Smal Cinematographer – Darren Wertheim Production Designer & Stylist – Kaley Elizabeth Claire Editor – Nicholas Smal Colorists – Joshua Borril & Darren Wertheim Assistant – Paul Gardyne Making Of – Mark Chittenden Cast: Nicholas Smal Gareth Allison Girlfriend – Mellissa Haiden Creepy Santa – Ciaran Coetzee Creepy Elf – Gareth Woods Human Mannequin – Nicolas Ariel Rasenti Song: Performers – Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues Writers – Nicholas Smal & Gareth Allison Producers - Nicholas Smal, Gareth Allison & David Scott Special Thanks: Big Blue, Kaley Elizabeth Claire, Flash Photo Hire ============================ FOLLOW US: Twitter: @derickwatts Instagram: @derickwattsagram Facebook: facebook.com/derickwattsandthesundayblues

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